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The subscription price is:

500 EUR or 2250 RON/Year for trading companies,

400 EUR or 1800 RON/Year for educational institutions  

250 EUR or 1125 RON/Year for natural persons.



200 Euro or 900 RON / article (university graduates, academics, researchers);

100 EUR or 450 RON/ article (for students, EurAgEng* and SIMAR** members)

*)EurAgEng -European Society of Agricultural Engineers

**)SIMAR-Societatea Inginerilor Mecanici Agricoli din Romānia

 500 Euro or 2250 RON  - emergency tax / article

The subscription can be made at the editorial board headquarters, namely:
INMA Bucharest, Romania, 6, Ion Ionescu de la Brad Blv. sector 1, Bucharest, cod 013813, OP.18, or by money order on the following account:

INMA Bucharest

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Issuing Bank : BCR Sector 1

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