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EVALUATION PROCESS is performed as it follows:

 The paper is evaluated whether it is in compliance with the journal field;

 Whether the paper sent via e-mail frames within the journal field, it will receive a code comprising the journal name and the paperís number and issuing year (ex: INMATEH-2010-01). The numbering starts every year from 01;

 Among the assessors team there are chosen two reviewers in the paper field, one from Romania and another from abroad (if it is possible), if not, there are chosen 2 reviewers from Romania or 2 from abroad;

 The same day, the attached paper is sent via e-mail to assessors (without the authorsí names), together with the indications for authors and the evaluating guide, which contains the assessing record; it also comprises the date up to which a paper has to be performed (one week);

 At the same time, the paper is transmitted to official translator, in order to verify whether it is appropriate in terms of translation;

 The invitation of participating in paperís evaluation is transmitted together with the paper to assessors, who are asked to confirm their receiving and/or whether they are available to evaluate; if the respective assessor is not available, the paper is retransmitted to another assessor;

 After having received the paper from the assessors, in terms of remarks which have been made, the manuscript will be:

 published (any remarks have not been made);

 retransmitted to author for answering the assessorsí observations (when they are minor or moderate observations) and then published;

 rejected if the assessorsí observations are important (or if they recommend the paperís rejection);

 The assessors have the task to verify the stage of researches performed within the respective papers in compliance with the world trends, the papers drawn up by other authors, the novelty character, methodology, obtained results, etc (according to the evaluating file);

 The management of Editorial Board (INMA Bucharest), who is involved in the journal drafting, cannot interfere in accepting or rejecting a certain paper; its task is only to coordinate the papers: sorting, distributing to assessors, responding, etc., but not to decide whether to publish or not a paper;

 The management of Editorial Board (INMA Bucharest) takes care that the evaluating process be correctly performed, without having any tendentious or malicious character;

 The decision of accepting or rejecting a paper is based on the independent assessorsí decision;

 If the two assessorsí decisions are conflictual, the paper will be distributed to a third assessor and the final decision will be taken by considering the most related decisions of two from the three assessors.

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